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Guida il tuo sogno. Lasciati ispirare dal nuovo SportContact™ 7

Avvia il tuo motore. Sai che puoi

Tutti hanno sogni. Danno uno scopo alla vita e modellano le nostre scelte. Perché dobbiamo superare i limiti e sviluppare nuove innovazioni per creare un futuro migliore per la società e il nostro pianeta. Per noi di Continental, l'elemento chiave del successo è avere fiducia nelle nostre capacità, nel nostro percorso, nel nostro futuro. Con il nuovo pneumatico SportContact™ 7, il nostro sogno è fornirti la stessa sicurezza per perseguire i tuoi sogni. Allora, dicci, qual è il tuo sogno?

I sogni

Abbiamo chiesto al team quali sono i loro sogni nella vita e cosa li guida. Puoi leggere le loro stimolanti risposte qui:

Fin da piccolo mi era chiaro che un giorno avrei intrapreso una professione tecnica. Già all'età della scuola elementare, ho sviluppato i miei veicoli tecnici Lego.

In qualità di capo progetto per lo sviluppo di SportContact™ 7, ho sognato di portare sulle strade uno pneumatico sicuro e allo stesso tempo sportivo e divertente. Lo sviluppo dei pneumatici sportivi è tecnologicamente la punta di diamante di una ricerca e sviluppo. Credo che ci siamo riusciti.

Come persona dalla mentalità sostenibile, sogno di poter contribuire con il mio lavoro alla riduzione delle emissioni di CO2 e contro il cambiamento climatico. La sostenibilità è importante. E sì, anche le gomme sportive possono dare il loro contributo qui.

Marcel è Project Leader per SportContact™ 7 presso Continental


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No matter if it’s my mountain bike, my road bike, or my gravel bike: I love cycling, being outside in any weather condition, enjoying nature, and discovering new places. However, our environment is in danger due to increasing CO2 emissions.

Therefore my dream is a more eco-friendly mobility. I try to use my bikes as well as public transportation as often as possible. It’s also great to see that e-mobility is making great progress. Let’s take the importance of reducing emissions seriously and make our mobility more eco-friendly!

Marie Christin is Social Media Manager at Continental

My friends and colleagues know me as an absolute car enthusiast. Today, I have turned my hobby into my profession.

Even as a little boy, I had only one dream: I wanted to drive an automotive beauty, like my father. He had a gold Mercedes-Benz W123.

Even as a young man, my dreams have to do with cars. My absolute dream car is the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing. A unique, timeless design and driving performance that was ahead of its time. A vehicle for eternity. Unfortunately priceless.

As a perfectionist and performance-oriented driver, I also dream of another car brand that plays an important role in my life: Porsche. For me, Porsche embodies automotive perfection – especially the 911 Targa GTS.

Keywan Nowzohour is Account Manager at Continental

Disruptive technologies are transforming the mobility landscape at a faster pace than ever witnessed before.

As someone who is working with technologies associated with mobility, I am excited to explore the endless possibilities of how we can revolutionize the future of mobility. Working at Continental, which has shaped the mobility landscape for over 150 years, makes me feel extremely proud and responsible.

I would express my dream of future mobility in a single magic word: “ACCESS”!!! (Autonomous, Connected, Comfortable, Electrified, Sustainable and Safe). In my opinion, ensuring “ACCESS” is key for the future of mobility, and this is what I strive for.

Akhil is Development Engineer, R&D/Connected Tire-Technologies & Analytics at Continental.

For me, the car is synonymous with independence and freedom – it’s definitely much more than just getting from A to B. Emotions are important.

As a sporty driver, I dream of cars being allowed to remain emotional in the future. Even as signs currently point toward e-mobility and the speed limit on motorways is more restrictive than ever. For me, a dream car must be unattainable – otherwise it ceases to be a dream car. For me, the Mercedes SLS AMG is an icon. Sporty, timeless, and heritage-based design, outstanding driving characteristics with an emotional V8 engine that will never be built again.

Philipp is Product Manager U-UHP Summer Tires at Continental

Mobility has been essential to the advancement of our cultures over the last century. Making mobility sustainable in the air, on water, and on land is a daunting task.

The engineer in me dreams that we all keep a cool head at the “ignition point” into a new age in order to take the right development paths into a sustainable future. The basis for this must be scientific knowledge.

At the same time, as a human being, I dream that we walk this path together – regardless of origin, social background, or other characteristics. We need not only our head – but also our heart, because it steers us in the right direction.

Angelo is Section Manager & Test Enginner at Continental

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Ever since my childhood days, I have been fascinated by the sound of the car ignition. That pulsating noise from a high-horsepower engine skyrockets my pulse.

As a car enthusiast, one of the dreams of my life to be involved in an automobile sector was fulfilled, thanks to Continental Reifen. Now with the challenges our planet has been facing, I believe it’s our duty to ensure better air to breathe in for the future generations.

As a sustainably minded person, my dream is therefore to achieve the highest performance with our products, without any harmful effects on the environment.

Anuj is Tire Development Enginner at Continental 

As a young boy my absolute dream car was a Mercedes 500 SL from the late 1970s. Much later I appreciated the space of my station wagon for travels. Today I try to use the train or my bicycle as much as possible.

As a passionate hobby photographer my dream is to go on a sustainable around-the-world photo expedition to collect as many impressions from nature and wildlife as possible: whale-watching at sea, northern lights in Finland, volcanic eruptions in Iceland, Africa’s “Big Five,” the exciting coast of Vietnam or the wonderful landscapes in New Zealand.

Stefan is Head of GTT Grip & Customer Support

When people talk about the future of mobility, many talk about e-cars. Sure, they will become important, but for me they are only a small piece of a big puzzle.

As a passionate cyclist, I have the dream of one day being able to ride safely everywhere on well-built cycle paths. No more potholes, no more sudden path breaks, and no more tight overtaking moves by faster and heavier vehicles. Whether I’m exploring nature with my friends and family, riding to the supermarket, or simply commuting to work.

Felix is Sport Sponshorship Manager at Continental

There is no question that our mobility solutions will change “dramatically” in the future. Because they have to become safer, more comfortable, and much more sustainable.

As a father, I dream that we will succeed in making the necessary changes quickly enough.

As a Conti employee, I dream that Continental can make a significant contribution to this.

And as a designer, I dream that the mobility solutions of the future will be as emotional and at the same time sleek and functional as my 1984 Porsche 911

Peter Bogenschütz is Head of Industrial Design Tires at Continental